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For Bad Boy, it was never innovative enough just being the toughest and most powerful mower available at the best price. Bad Boy continually push new and improved advances in cutting, safety and operator comfort that raise the bar for the entire zero-turn mower industry and in just over a decade we’ve brought more innovation and design to the industry than any other — and we’re just getting started. Bad Boy’s commitment is to be Always Better, so you can always Mow with an Attitude! – https://www.badboymowers.com/

We are constantly running special promotions and offers in store. If you have any questions or even want to have us take a look at any issues you have with your equipment, no matter how small, please stop by either of our stores in Houston and San Antonio

MSRP FROM $8649 to $8999


Bad Boy Outlaw XP

Model #: BBX54FX850,BBX61FX850, BBX72FX850, BBX6136VA, BBX7236VA

Engine: Kawasaki, Vanguard

Deck: Welded

MSRP FROM $13599 to $15499


Bad Boy Diesel Zero Turn

Model #: BBD61247CA, BBA61135CA, BBA7235CA

Engine: Caterpillar

Deck: 1/4" Thick Solid Steel

MSRP FROM $7949 to $8899


Bad Boy Outlaw Extreme

Model #: BB054F850, BB061FX850, BB072FX850, BB06136VA, BB07236VA, BB054EV860, BB061EV860

Engine: Kawasaki, Kohler, Vanguard

Deck: 1/4" Thick Solid Steel

MSRP FROM $7399 to $7699


Bad Boy Outlaw

Model #: BB054810VA, BB061810VA, BB054ZT740, BB061ZT740, BB054FX730, BB061FX730

Engine: Vanguard, Kohler, Kawasaki


MSRP FROM $6599 to $6799


Bad Boy Outlaw Stand-On

Model #: BBS48FX730, BBS54FX730, BBS61FX730

Engine: Kawasaki


MSRP FROM $5899 to $6399


Bad Boy CZT Elite

Model #: BCE4827BS, BCE5427BS, BCE6027BS, BCE6027BS, BCE48ZT40, BCE54ZT740, BCE6025KO, BCE48FS73, BCE54FS730, BCE60FS730

Engine: Briggs, Kohler, Kawasaki


MSRP FROM $4499 to $5299


Bad Boy ZT Elite

Model #: BZE48KT740, BZE54KT745, BZE6026KO, BZE48FR730, BZE54FR730, BZE60FR730

Engine: Kohler, Kawasaki

Deck: Two-Rail 2"X2" All Welded Steel Frame

MSRP FROM $3399 to $3499


Bad Boy MZ Magnum

Model #: BMG48KT725, BMG5425KO

Engine: Kohler

Deck: 2"X2" Welded

MSRP FROM $2999 to $3299


Bad Boy MZ

Model #: BBM4219BS, BBM42KT725

Engine: Briggs & Stratton, Kohler

Deck: 1/8" Thick Solid Steel