Why opt for a zero-turn riding mower instead of a lawn tractor? Zero-turn mowers offer the ability to cut tight contours, meaning less time on foot with a hand trimmer or push mower. They also offer improved visibility and faster cutting speeds, so you can spend less time maintaining the lawn and more time enjoying it.
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1. Durability – Overall sturdiness of the frame and deck construction are key elements of durability.
2. Deck Contruction – Commercial zero turns mowers typically have decks made of several pieces continuously welded heavy-gauge steel stamped in a press. For homeowners, stamped decks will be more than adequate, but for properties with rough terrain they may be less durable than the welded decks found on most professional mowers. Welded decks appear on commercial-grade products and are constructed to stand up to more ruggeddaily use. Also look to see if the mower has small wheels designed to raise the deck over uneven terrain to protect the lawn from getting cut too short, or scalped. How many gauge wheels does the deck have, and are they adjustable to accommodate different cutting heights?
3. Engine design –Zero-turn mowers at the lower end of the pricing spectrum may come equipped with a single-cylinder engine. Twin-cylinder OHV engines are becoming more prevalent, and arewidely used on commercial grade zero-turn-radius mowers. These engines are more powerful and run smoother (less vibration).
4. Easy-to-adjust cutting height – Adjusting the cutting height on the mower should be easy and fast. Look for a foot assist, if you want the extra leverage, in addition to a hand lever, to quickly raise the deck for short periods, such as when you’re mowing over an exposed tree root. Avoid mowers that require you to get off and manually adjust the deck height, since that will reduce your productivity.
5. Wider tires – Look for a mower with wider tires, which distribute the machine’s weight over a large area and are easier on the grass. They also provide improved traction. Opt for more durable four-ply-rated tires.
6. Comfort– Granted, you’ll spend less time riding your zero-turn mower than you would a lawn tractor, but comfort is still key. Is the seat comfortable to sit on? You will be leaning back against the seat instead of leaning over a steering wheel, so back support is an important consideration. Is the control panel easy to see and reach from the seat? When all the controls are on the same side, it makes operation easier. Does the mower manufacturer make and sell the accessories you want? Mowers can be personalized to fit your needs whether it is bagging, mulching, or another need.
7. User friendly – Are you a novice or an expert operator? Some zero turn mowers allow you to adjust your mowing speed to match your level of comfort and control. Choosing the “high mode” gives you maximum speed for mowing flat, open spaces in your yard. The “low mode” allows for enhanced maneuverability when cutting around trees, landscaping, or other tight spaces – reducing the amount of time you’ll spend with a hand trimmer when done mowing. The low-speed option also provides more graduated speed changes with your control arms.
8. Price – Zero-turn mowers range in price from just less than $2,500 to a little more than $6,000 for residential versions, and more for commercial ones. While it’s possible to get a quality zero-turn at the lower end of the price range, keep in mind riding mowers at higher range of the spectrum usually come equipped with more features and added durability.

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